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I'm a competent systems/network administrator with over ten years in the field. I like IPV6. Allow me to talk your ear off about why ipV6 is great and why ipV6 sucks also

What am I?

  • A killer sysadmin
  • A master troubleshooter
  • A competent network administrator
  • An out-of-practice programmer
  • An endless source of "useful" tech trivia
  • An advoate for the user

What I do Offline

Sometimes I do things other than the other things I do


Virtualize all the things

Video Games

Got that sht on lock son


Come listen to me say stupid things and then regret saying them

I have a little YT thing going on

Find me on YT.


This icon isnt relevant.

Minecraft, sucka

You know the drill

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This form doesn't work, the address isnt real. That email address is fake too. Most of the social links arent set up